Big Ice

Recreational ice climbing days have been few and far between for me this year. That being said I’ve gotten out a couple of times with Mooney Mountain Guide co workers for bigger objective on gorgeous days! Pictures from an attempt on Fafnir with the cliff covered in rime ice, and a bitterlycold start on the Promenade at lake Willoughby

.IMG_0308 IMG_0304 IMG_0306 IMG_0309 IMG_0293 IMG_0295 IMG_0292 IMG_0281 IMG_0275 IMG_0258 IMG_0253 IMG_0239 IMG_0234

1503540_10203424399433845_3286355774520591036_n 10868109_10203424402353918_8205534424993292711_n 1517514_10203424427154538_1064187128445318989_n 10411851_10203424398833830_6551048748531307222_n 10849748_10203424401953908_3456834512437599289_n

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