George on the Sharp End

George is a carpenter from Mass who is trying to get back into leading ice climbing this year with an eye towards swinging leads on Pinnacle by the end of the year. Today was his 3rd day with us and he and I worked on leading single pitch and multi pitch terrain. We were able to warm up by leading some easier climbs and practicing anchors on trees. After this we did a short refresher on ice anchors V-threads and top belays, followed by swinging leads up a multitiered flow and then a technical rappel including a V-Thread. An awesome day of Geeking out about technical systems for me, and hopefully a very informative day for George

Warm Up Lead


V-Thread practice

IMG_0769 IMG_0770

Top Belay and Belay Transitions

IMG_0774 IMG_0780

Topping out and a Technical Descent

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