Catching up! Wildwood, Quinn, Acadia & the Farm!

Its been a busy past couple of weeks with limited access to internet. So here’s a quick run down!

A couple of weeks ago Todd and I did a two day portion of a camp for Wildwood, which is associated with Mass Audubon. The campers where in the White Mountains for a week, doing some hiking and trail work in addition to their two days with us. We had a good time showing them the ropes on Rumney’s single and easier multi pitch terrain!

Last Monday I was joined by Quinn at Rumney. Quinn’s dad takes his sons on various cool adventurous trips, but climbing was a first. Quinn, or “muscles” as his dad called him, lived up to his nick name. For a first day we were able to climb a good number of pitches at a relatively difficult level.

Immediately after climbing with Quinn, my girlfriend and I took off for Acadia in ME. I use to vacation here frequently as a kid, and now my dad care takes at a campground on the island. We had a great visit with him and his wife, along with sentimental, for me, stops in various towns along the ME coast (Bath, Woolwich, Rockland, Camden, Belfast…) and a good time paddling climbing and hiking around the Island.

IMG_2266 IMG_2309 IMG_2261

Paddling around Solmes Sound in my dads home made wooden kayak (and a plastic LL Bean one) We had two gorges mornings on the water accompanied by seals, porpoises, fishing Bald Eagle and Osprey, and some salty Lobstermen

IMG_2286 IMG_2297 IMG_2275 IMG_2293 IMG_2270 IMG_2300

An afternoon and evening of climbing classics. Story of O on the South wall, and some of the fun climbs on the Sea stack at Otter Cliffs!

In between work and vacation I’ve been trying to catch up on work on the farm and more importantly visiting it for nutritional and spiritual sustenance during this hectic time!

Mom sending the Freedom Rangers (Meat Chickens) to freezer camp

Mucked out the Sheep Stall. Been getting lots of good food for the pigs this year thanks to Longview Farm and Squam lake Marketplace. The Turkey’s enjoying a little free range 


The Three Sisters(Corn, Beans & Squash) working together in a synergistic fashion

IMG_2194Borage volunteers aiding in the 3 sisters garden

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