The day you stop learning is the day you die…

As part of receiving a scholarship this year for an AMGA course of my choosing, I had to write a reflective essay post course. The AMGA recently put it up on their blog and I thought I’d share it here. Below is the opening paragraph and a gallery of photos from the two AMGA courses I took in the past year. The full essay can be found here

In the past year I focused heavily on growth in my skills as a guide. This growth started in March of 2016 with a Level Two AIARE course. It continued last summer with the AMGA Advanced Rock Guide Course in Estes Park, CO. This past February, it culminated with the AMGA Ice Instructor Course in Crawford Notch, NH. I was partially supported on this final course through the AMGA’s Fallen Guides- Strength of Character Scholarship Fund. This scholarship comes with the responsibility of writing a short essay on the experience. This process has given me a much-appreciated opportunity to reflect on guide education as well as my fellow guides unfortunate accidents in the mountains. Combined it made me reflect on trying to live a long and fruitful life while pursuing a career that, at it’s core, consists of trying to manage a plethora of risks both known and unknown. The connecting theme in my reflection is that humility is the key to growth and longevity in the mountains and in the mountain guiding career.

1 thought on “The day you stop learning is the day you die…

  1. Richard Parker

    Enjoyed reading the full article at Well done. Couldn’t agree more about the importance of humility and the push to keep learning…all of the time. Of course, this is great advice for all living and as a Sixty two year old, I am still working on these every day. Thanks for the excellent perspective.


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