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The High Grade Wall

My buddy Jay has been stoked on trucking out to Marshfield VT to climb on the High Grade wall recently. A funky new .13a went up there with super unique climbing, and since he can effortlessly huck laps on every other 5.13 in the state, it makes it worth the drive for him to get on a new climb! In reality a day trip there is not that absurd. A 4:30 wake up and a 5:15 meeting time get us there right as its warming up, after a pretty drive through central VT and hike through the state forest. The cliff its self is rather long and 200’+ tall at its highest. The high-grade wall is somewhat of a diamond in the rough, A relatively short, clean overhanging section of rock sitting above a small ledge most of the way up the cliff, surrounded by sopping lichen and moss covered slabs. The approach involves jugging up about 200′ of fixed line to the ledge.


Jay on the final Fixed Rope

The bulk of the climbing there happens on a somewhat dizzying cluster of link ups revolving around the mega classic, Groton High Grade 5.13a. This route climbs the overhanging wall on crimps, and then makes a crux move to the arete where the climbing eases. A harder alternative is to move left, instead of right into the arete. The ensuing boulder problem this way is hard enough to merit .13b, then finishing at the same anchors. Finally, High Grade the Hard Way starts right of High Grade with a difficult boulder problem, crosses High Grade at the rest jug before that climb splits, and then tackles the harder boulder problem on the left. When all is said and done that Hard Way clocks in at 5.13d


Alex Descending the Second Fixed Rope

I had an awesome day of climbing there with Alex and Jay this week. After a couple of warm up burns, which happen on the projects for lack alternatives, Alex and Jay started to Crush. Alex sent the High Grade Direct at .13b and then proceeded to make progress on the High Grade and The High Grade the Hard way. Jay had a riveting send of the Hard Way  his first rip of the day, just pulling it off and leaving success in doubt until the final hard move. He then used some key beta alex had unlocked to send The High Grade, sneakily getting through a move previously too hard with his wing span. I got reacquainted with The High Grade and progressively worsened on it through my 3 burns. Luckily I also brought a spare rope and my camera, and got some pictures I was excited about. A successful day can come in many forms!

You can click on the first image in any of these Galleries and scroll through them. Its pretty fun to view them like this as some are a series of a single move that you get to follow from start to finish. Enjoy.



Erik (Photos by Jay)

Hunting Season

After an 11 day stretch of work I have a handful of week days off. I was hoping to spend them mostly vegging out and regaining some of the weight i lost over the last stretch to help stay warm for the next one! After one day of doing so I got restless and started getting out on skis with my friend Alex. Since all the good snow came while we were working we were forced to go out on some hunting missions, finding the last pockets of untracked snow where we could. Here’s some pictures form our two days out recently. Doing the Grand tour at cardigan, with a couple of runs down the summit slabs, and a day in the trees on the side of Moosilauke.

Big Ice

Recreational ice climbing days have been few and far between for me this year. That being said I’ve gotten out a couple of times with Mooney Mountain Guide co workers for bigger objective on gorgeous days! Pictures from an attempt on Fafnir with the cliff covered in rime ice, and a bitterlycold start on the Promenade at lake Willoughby

.IMG_0308 IMG_0304 IMG_0306 IMG_0309 IMG_0293 IMG_0295 IMG_0292 IMG_0281 IMG_0275 IMG_0258 IMG_0253 IMG_0239 IMG_0234

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