New England Climbing Videos

A collection of all of the New England climbing videos I could find, in one place. The ultimate procrastination page.

Rock Climbing Compilation Videos

Footage from hard climbs at Rumney

Paul Robinson and Tiffany Hensley climbing at Rumney

Josh Larson and others climbing at Rumney

Dave Graham & Joe Kinder Climbing at Rumney

Hard Trad in the ADK

Marshfield, 82 Crag and Moss Cliff

Gorgeous shots of Cathedral Ledge, Tuckermans, White Mountains

Sunrise at Cathedral

Freddie Wilkinson in Acadia

Drone Footage of Cathedral

Sick, a full length New England Climbing Movie

Individual Rock Routes

Jaws II

China Beach

Livin’ Astro

Livin Astro Glide

The Fly

Stone Monkey and Boogie Man

Feeding Frenzy

Parallel Universe

Super Nova

Josh Larson on Predator

Erik Thatcher on Dyno-Sore

James Otey on Flying Monkeys

Benedictus, Cannon Cliff (documentary on the FA)

Freddie and Mark on the Prow

Wheelin’ N Dealin

Oppositional Defiance Disorder

Biorythmic (Quebec)

Ice Climbing Videos

Crawford Notch Classics

Majka Burhardt around  NH


Winter Attempt on Pendulum Route, Cathedral Ledge (Hilarious!)

Petzl Ice Trip

Rick Wilcox talking about evolution of Ice Climbing

Steve House Solo Repentance and Remission in a Day

Cannon Cliff Mixed/Alpine footage

Cannon Cliff Winter Girdle Traverse

Poko Ice/ Mixed Action

Endangered Species, on Pokomoonshine

Look like I’m missing a good video? comment below with the link or a description…

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