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The Hummit

Where ever you go, there you are, and wherever you make it too, there’s your summit. I hope that we all agree that a day in the mountains is more about company, good exercise and experiencing the ¬†mountain conditions, with the summit being cherry on top. This sunday we made it to the Lakes of the Clouds Hut and turned back. That day it was our summit, or perhaps for those who like word play, our hummit

A Clear View Summit

This past weekend we had incredible weather for an intro to mountaineering course. Day one was on Welch and Dicky in the sun. We had a gorgeous hike through the trees to a slab where we practiced crampon use and self arrest with a gorgeous backdrop. Day two was the summit attempt and we were blessed with the best weather I’ve seen up there yet. We could easily pick out Camels Hump in VT, 80 miles away, and peaks beyond it.

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