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Intro To Ski Mountaineering

Alex and I just had what may have been the trip of our winter. Ski guiding is a relatively small segment of our business, and that of the NH guiding business in general, so when we get a day of this work, let alone a long weekend of it we’re excited. We’re currently trying to expand our ski programming to get more folks introduced to the world of back country skiing. The skiing and techniques required is not overly burdensome, but getting instruction for your first day out will greatly quicken the learning curve. As you get into the world of Ski Mountaineering their is a a slew of technical skills that need to be refined in order to participate safely.

This group of three was curious about getting into the world of back country and ski mountaineering, so we designed a three day curriculum to introduce them to the techniques and skills required. On day one we went over gear and clothing requirements for being in the backcountry. We practiced transitions ( moving up hill to downhill, which requires a slew of equipment changes) and beacon searches in case of an avalanche burial. On day two we practiced moving as a rope team, dug a snow pit and experimented with a number of stability tests, and what these testes tell us about the relative avalanche safety. On day three we combined many of the formerly learned skills to ski Hillmans Highway in Tuckermans Ravine! The weather kept us from covering all that we wanted, but that in its self is a great learning experience, and gave us ample opportunity to address not only surviving but thriving in those conditions.

Hunting Season

After an 11 day stretch of work I have a handful of week days off. I was hoping to spend them mostly vegging out and regaining some of the weight i lost over the last stretch to help stay warm for the next one! After one day of doing so I got restless and started getting out on skis with my friend Alex. Since all the good snow came while we were working we were forced to go out on some hunting missions, finding the last pockets of untracked snow where we could. Here’s some pictures form our two days out recently. Doing the Grand tour at cardigan, with a couple of runs down the summit slabs, and a day in the trees on the side of Moosilauke.